What Makes Newsworthy?


News is the information that people read in newspapers, magazines, on television and radio, or find on the Internet. There are many different ways that people get their news; some people prefer to watch a live broadcast, while others like to read the latest newspaper. Regardless of how people choose to consume their news, there are some basic characteristics that all news has in common. These are timeliness, drama, consequence and proximity.

Timeliness means that news is current. It is not something that happened 10 years ago or last year, unless it is an anniversary of something big that happened in the past. It is important to have timeliness in an article because it makes the reader aware that this information is up-to-date and that they can trust that it will be accurate.

Most news stories have an element of drama. This is because human beings are naturally interested in dramatic events that have clear good and bad characters or situations. For example, if someone robs a convenience store, this is newsworthy because there are clear good and bad guys in the story. People are also interested in news that has consequences. This means that an event will have a major impact on the lives of the people involved.

People are also interested in a story if it is about somebody famous. They want to know what celebrities are doing, especially if it is controversial or exciting. A story about a celebrity scandal is newsworthy if it is big or involves a lot of money. People are also interested in health, so they will read or watch news about diseases, hospitals and clinics, drugs, diet and exercise. People are also interested in sex, even though most societies do not openly discuss it.

The writer of a news article must be careful not to put their own bias into the piece. They must interview sources and make sure they are getting facts from people who can be trusted. For example, if they are writing about the replacement of a CEO, they should try to talk with the new CEO and use their words in the article instead of the author’s opinion. This will help the readers to form their own opinions about the topic. They should also check all of their facts before publishing. This is an important step because a news article with incorrect information can be highly damaging to the credibility of the publication that publishes it. It can also ruin the reputation of the writer. This is why it is a good idea to read other news articles, watch news stations and shows and take notes on how they write their pieces. This will help them to become a better news writer in the future.