What Is News?

News is current and interesting information, obtained from every moment and everywhere, delivered to readers in a fast, accurate and objective way. News is usually presented in the form of text, video or audio in newspapers, magazines, TV news broadcasts and the Internet. The content of news is mainly determined by what is important to the audience and by what the journalists think is interesting or significant. News often includes a wide range of different subjects, and each subject has its own news values. Some subjects are primarily concerned with good or bad news while others focus on issues of public interest. For example, some events that are considered to be bad news may also have a high level of drama or the involvement of a powerful person which makes them more likely to become newsworthy.

People are interested in famous men and women – what they do, how they live and the effect their actions or words might have on them. They are also interested in stories about their health and that of family and friends. That is why health stories are so popular. They cover topics such as traditional medicines, research into diseases, hospitals and clinics, and diet and exercise. Sex is also of interest in all societies although they may not talk openly about it. This is why many sex stories are considered to be newsworthy, especially when they involve behaviour that goes against society’s generally accepted standards.

The things that make the news are generally those which happen rarely and have a major impact on society. They are usually dramatic and have a clear good and bad situation – for example, a robbery at a convenience store will interest most people because it has an obvious good guy and bad guy. Immediacy or timeliness is another criterion – people are more interested in a story about an event that happened recently and affects them personally rather than one which happened a long time ago.

News is a valuable source of entertainment and leisure because it covers a broad spectrum of topics that appeal to all different types of interests. It is also useful for education because it helps us to be aware of what is happening in the world around us and to understand why and how things are the way they are. It also acts as a watchdog, exposing abuses of power and wrongdoing. In addition, the use of humor and cartoons in news can lighten up the otherwise serious tone of the article and make it more enjoyable to read or listen to. It is important to vary the type of news we consume – for example, reading a newspaper and watching a TV news broadcast and listening to a radio program. This provides a balanced diet of news to help keep our minds, bodies and souls healthy.