Understanding the Basics of Law


Law is the system of rules that a society recognizes as regulating its citizens’ behavior. It also includes the legal process of enforcing those rules, and the study of law.

The Purposes of Law

Among the major purposes of law are to protect individual rights and liberties, maintain order in society, regulate human behavior and business activities and ensure justice and fairness for all. In these ways, law provides a basis for cooperation and avoidance of conflict, as well as for resolving them when they arise.

Aside from these, law carries out the functions of providing guidance and support for individuals and businesses to make informed decisions. In addition, it has the role of protecting people from wrongful conduct by others and preventing crime and other social evils.

This explains why law is often thought of as a ‘normative science’. Hans Kelsen created this theory of law, and he states that it does not describe what must happen but rather defines rules that individuals must abide by.

It is important to keep in mind that not all laws are equal, and many may vary from one nation to another. Therefore, it is essential to know the purpose of each type of law before you begin your legal studies.

Law & Politics

In most nations, the political structure determines who is in power to make and enforce laws. Some governments are more stable and effective at serving the purposes of law than others. Revolutions against existing political-legal authority are common, and a new or democratically elected government has the opportunity to change and strengthen its systems of law and government.

The Legal Industry

There are many advantages to working in the legal industry, including high salaries, a good work-life balance, and opportunities for advancement and promotion. However, you should be prepared for long hours and challenging work.

You should also consider your personal preferences when making a decision about the career you want to pursue. For example, do you prefer a fast-paced career that requires a lot of hard work or would you like to be more relaxed and enjoy a less demanding job?

If you are a hard worker and enjoy working with people, law is the right field for you. It can be challenging and require a great deal of dedication, but the rewards are significant.

Your work environment will be a large part of your success as a lawyer. Usually, lawyers are employed in law firms and other organizations that allow them to have their own office and set their own schedule. This can be a huge advantage over some other professions where you might have to work in a bullpen style cubicle, or at a desk that does not provide you with the privacy of your own space.

Besides these benefits, law is a career option that allows you to learn everything about a subject you are interested in, which can be helpful when pursuing other aspects of your life. It is also a field that is highly respected by members of society, and lawyers have an excellent reputation among the general public.